Agent Johnny Red is an interplanetary space time traveler who lives in multiple dimensions. His mission is to free humanity from slavery. He chooses to create electronic and acoustic music that documents his journey. He is the founder of Silver Horse Productions, a music studio creating sound journeys for people in the northeast United States!

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A Cosmic Journey



An Agent of Love, of Peace, of Harmony with Nature. Our protagonist on this psychedelic journey into the multidimensional matrix of modern day life takes us into realms of expanding consciousness through his unique and experimental electronic music.


“The Love in My Heart, The Fearless Courage” – from “Waiting for this Moment” by Agent Johnny Red

Silver Horse Productions

I play my music in 432hz, because it is a more pure frequency than 440hz.

We are water and we absorb frequency so I want the frequency I share to be one of Love! I yearn to play and write authentic music that holds no boundaries. This way I am free to create whatever I want.


To be Continued

Music Night 

Portland, ME

“I know you think I’m crazy, now that you know that I can fly.”

Agent Johnny Red

from “All the Light Codes”

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